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American Express "Art Forms Change"


Art Forms Change

Art is super important. It creates jobs, lifts up economies and even transforms healthcare. But to the current administration it is seen as a frivolous investment that should be defunded. Which is lame. So, in a bid to shed light on the importance the arts have on society and to generate funding for it, we created a campaign for Amex to show people just how important it is. In the end, we raised more money than anticipated and even inspired Pharrell to write a song for it.

Illustrators: Jess Andrews and Gary Lim


Everything we did drove people to our donation hub, letting you donate your Amex rewards points towards art charities.

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We also partnered with Departures Magazine, creating an issue 100% dedicated to the importance of the arts and how to donate to them, which was guest edited by Pharrell Williams.


Then Pharrell wrote a song, saying he had an Amex yellow card and people kind of lost it.